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Western Cape

31 Oct 2011

Claudia Flatwell

Because my husband and myself never grew up rich or had a nest of money, for many years we have been renting, needless to say moving from place to place. Eventually we found ourselves in a secure area, safe for kids, renting a two bedroom granny flat, which was comfortable, safe area and urge grounds. The perfect property to start a family except it was not our own. We started hunting for our dream home, which became a huge stress to say the least. Then an absolute Miracle!!, the owners of the house we were renting at the time had decided to move to New Zealand giving us first option to purchase. A dream comes true. We made application for a bond with Standard Bank which been total first time home owners, rates and interest did not matter at the time. After about two years, my husband did an enquiry into SA Home Loans to switch the bond. Without a doubt the best decision ever made. We have our dream home, not a mansion, but with the help of SA Home Loans we were able to upgrade and make it comfortable for our family. It is everything we need....not want.. So my advise to first time home owners, before jumping into anything....What are your needs when shopping for your dream home!! Build you dream home on needs not wants!

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