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Eastern Cape

18 Oct 2011

Claudie Hiles

OCTOBER'S COMPETITION WINNER After my divorce I found the perfect place to restart my "new" life. Not being financially savvy, I had no idea where to start looking for assistance with a loan. A zillion meetings later with banks and more confused than ever, I heard an advert on the radio about SAHL. I had hardly put the phone down after contacting them when the agent was at my door, sat me down and explained all the ins and outs to me in simple language. They guided me through the paperwork and before I could yawn, my house was financed! Sometime later, when the economy turned, I was approached by another firm that offered me a better monthly instalment - SAHL came to the rescue AGAIN and improved on the other's offer. This proves that they not only look after new clients, but value their old ones as well. My experience was so good that my daughter and 3 of my friends changed from their existing bond suppliers to SAHL. Thanks guys for a fantastic experience!

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