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19 Oct 2011

Andre Kruger

I was with Standard Bank, I asked for my rate to be reduced and was told unlucky. I told them I would change my home loan to another institution and their reaction was, ok. I did just that and a very helpful lady by the name of Ramona contacted me. She was very helpful and efficient. Within a couple of days I received the notification of approval at a better rate than Standard Bank. With Ramona helping me and getting all the documents required, she sorted all issues out. I believe anyone else would not have gone the distance as she did for me. I would like to thank Ramona Bithna and SA Home Loans for the best service I have received in a long time. Congrats. We as South Africans seem to accept sub standard service without complaining. Well I refused for once; told the previous bank what my action was going to be and they lost a client. I then also closed all my other accounts with them. Pity you guys do not have a normal banking division as well. I am sure you will receive many clients because of your service and dedication to customer needs. Once again many thanks.

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