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Western Cape

19 Oct 2011

Grant Theys

Just over a year ago I was in financial difficulty and could not pay most of my creditors. I tried my best to keep my SA Home Loans loan paid up. However I needed to also pay my other creditors. And as you know you begin to rob Peter to pay John. I ended up in arrears with SA Home Loans. I called them and explained my situation. Unlike my experience with other financial institutions, SA Home Loans did not threaten to repossess my house, instead they offered their assistance. Within one week they sorted me out by placing the arrear amount back into the bond so that I would no longer be in arrears. That's not all; six months later I needed money to finance my daughter's college fees. SA Home Loans did a consolidation of my debt by refinancing my house and making money available for the college. Thanks to SA Home Loans, I have no other credit accounts and my daughters college fees are paid. I will recommend SA Home Loans anytime.

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