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Western Cape

28 Oct 2011

Clement Roberts

I think that saying that SA Home Loans is the best is merely just words; however they have truly made that belief a reality. I'm 24 years of age got married in April of 2011 and got my place through the help of SA Home Loans in October of 2010. My wife and I had a very strong belief that before we were to get married, we were to first ensure we had a place to stay. I assured her that I would now take care of her and make sure she is in her own house. Well long story short, we found a home that was meant for us and immediately applied. My agent at the time told me about SA Home Loans and that we should give them a try, and we took her advice. From the time we were helped to the time we were sorted SA Home Loans had treated us extremely well that my wife and I felt as if we were there most important clients. So through the help of SA Home Loans we could buy the house we wanted and I could put my wife in her our home. After we got married in April we found out that we had over spent on the wedding for certain departments and because of that the repayments of the bond suffered but I have never experienced such a compassionate company who felt what I was going through and tried giving the best advice to make up for the outstanding. When a companys after sales is so good, then you know you in the right hands. To date I am on track and enjoying every minute spent with SA Home Loans.

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