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28 Oct 2011

Kevin Pillay

SAHL not only made my dream as a parent come true but also my children. In 2009 my son was in his second year studying medicine at a Uni - far away from home. I could sense a sadness in his voice in one of our conversations. He could no longer take the conditions at residence any longer. But would not tell us as he did not want to put us into added expenditure. Through an agent I found a neat duplex that was suitable for his comfort . This was at the height of the NCA. Banks were very difficult with loans and even more stubborn with rates. One would have to prove to them one didn't need a loan in order to get one. They asked for unbelievable collateral. Even my own bank with which I had an impeccable record over 25 years. I contacted SAHL. Within a few days my loan was approved an at an interest rate much lower than my bank. In appreciation I haven't defaulted on a payment . My son is now in his fourth year and shares the apartment with his brother whose in first year Business Science. What I should have been paying to University Residence I pay to SAHL. In the end I would have my own investment property. Thanks to SAHL - I win in more ways than one.

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