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Western Cape

28 Oct 2011

Neelan Pather

With the recession hard on our heels my wife and I decided to end all our debts and also to improve on our home with just one loan and one stop payment. We decided to approach a certain bank for a loan and gave them our requests and also the figure of our loan-requirement. The person who we made the application with seemed to understand at the time of our application our needs and the amount requested. We were quoted 10.5% for the bond-rate and being the good Samaritans did not scout around believing that we were getting a good deal. When the loan application did eventually come through to our dismay the initial amount requested was short by plus minus R27000.00 And the loan rate 11.5%. When I enquired with the agent I made my application with telephonically about the short-fall and the interest rate that I was quoted and I was told with arrogance that the application had Already gone through and that there was nothing that could be done. I recalled that I had a compliment card of SA Home Loans in one of my drawers at work and decided to give your company a call and was greeted by this sweet and wonderful person, Mrs. Anna Atanassova, and let me assure you she knows how to express herself to make the customer feel comfortable and important. And me being 55 years old and from the old-school I yearn for the good old days when respect and courtesy was the order of the day.

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