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Western Cape

28 Oct 2011

Rafieka Arendse

I was looking for a home in a specific area, after 3 agents and 8 months of my time, my mind was made up, and I wasnt going to live anywhere else. I posted on Gumtree that Im a buyer looking for a home in that area and waited. 2 days later an agent called me up and said that he has a repossessed house exactly where I wanted, I couldnt believe my luck, and obviously I jumped at the opportunity. We agreed to meet at the house the same week, only to find that it was one of my best friends homes that was being repossessed, she never mentioned that she was in financial trouble. I finally built up the courage to call her and ask, she told me everything and also gave me her blessings to buy the house, she was relieved that someone she cared about was buying her beloved home and knew I would take good care of it Now for the second leg of my dream house buying. Because I had a bond with my long standing bank, naturally I gave them a call first, even though my agent insisted I give SA Home Loans a call, I was adamant that I will get it through my own bank. I submitted all my paperwork to my own bank on the 3 Aug 2010, I got a response 14 Aug 2010, with an approval in principle for less than what I asked for. Even though I insisted that the app was urgent. After we exchanged mails back and forth, they finally responded saying that they double counted some figures which is why they only approved a portion.

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