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18 Oct 2013

Daphney Coetzee

There is an Afrikaans saying that goes: "Trou is nie perde koop nie", well, let me tell you - neither is buying a house! In January 2013, we found the perfect home for our extended family (kids, dogs & in-laws) at a perfect location near the boys school. We put in an offer with our agent, with the condition of the sale of the house we were living in at that time. Little did we expect our house to sell within 9 days of going on the market. Both my husband and I have very good credit records, and therefore we did not expect any problems with obtaining a loan for the new house. With the sale of our house, we were able to put down a 60%+ deposit - Q: NOW WHAT BANK WOULD NOT GRANT US A LOAN??? A: Well 2 of the major banks declined our app, over a period of 3 weeks, and the 3rd did not get back to us. We were devastated! reason given by the major banks, was because my husband is self-employed, and his business is not older that 3 years, then there was technical issues with statements blah-blah-blah! They simply did not CARE! Our home was sold, I knew that we would most probably end up in a townhouse rental, if a miracle does not happen soon. My husband actually suggested we approach SAHL as a last resort - OMW, what a pleasant experience! We went to their offices in Kellner Street BFN, and from the minute we walked in, we were made to feel like the most important clients in the building!!!!! 

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