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Eastern Cape

17 Oct 2013

Zingisa Lamle

SA Home Loans is the best, best home loans provider that I will never forget in my life .This Company has taken me from the grass roots to a higher level. In 2012, I was desperately looking for a home was tired of renting. I visited some bank to assist me with finance and this bank gave me money. I was very excited, only to find out the sellers property did not meet the requirements and this bank withdrew the finance. I had to start from the beginning when I visited the same bank. They said I no longer qualified. Then I visited SA Home Loans in East London. What a good positive attitude - they were about to knock off but they assisted me with smiling faces. I told them my story. The gentleman that was assisting advised me to get a letter from the bank that withdrew their finance. He was very helpful and I felt as though I had already got the home loan. I brought all the needed documents and started the process. What I like about this company is the transparency. They tell you about everything that you need to know and expect. There were no hidden costs at all; everything was very smooth until the end. SA Home Loans brought back my dignity, they have quality service and they care about people - they consider people first. SA Home Loans made my dreams came true.

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