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Western Cape

17 Oct 2013

Marco Abrahams

My name is Marco Abrahams with a family; wife Jolene, son Tristan and daughter Camryn. How I came to get a loan at SAHL? With this bad South African economy it is necessarily to see where u can save with your monthly expenses. I started with my biggest expense, my home bond which I had with ABSA. I did phone ABSA to find out what they could offer me to decrease my monthly instalment. The answer from them was an unprofessional, nothing that they can do. I was feeling depressed and decided to move my bond from ABSA to another institution. But the big question was where and what. That same day while I was sitting and having lunch in my car, a branded SAHL vehicle passed me and immediately my first thought was to phone the nearest SAHL office and that was in Somerset West Cape Town. My first phone call to SAHL was life changing because there I dealt with consultant Gavin Harley and today I have a lower bond with SAHL. I could consolidate my outstanding expenses with the quick cash that I received and extend my house with the further loan that SAHL approved. So what I can say is that you can never go wrong with SAHL and I have already recommended SAHL to people at every social event that I had. They normally say "go big or go home my saying is "go SAHL or go home"

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