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23 Aug 2012

Delana Grove

Good day. I'm grateful to SA Home Loans for helping me with a loan. I was with another bank and when I ran into financial difficulty (for about 3 months) SA Home Loans was the only financial institute willing to help me out. The previous banks just informed me they couldnt assist me and that I was a bad client. It was heartbreaking, I was so depressed (almost suicidal) and they treated me like a criminal. SA Home Loans was there for me, through thick and thin. The consultant (Esiavan) was the best person I ever met over the phone and email. He was so accommodating considering that Im hearing impaired. After the loan was approved and finalized my financial situation went from strength to strength, Im with SA Home Loans for 3 months and I no longer have any financial difficulty. Thank you SA Home Loans for your wonderful service and great staff. Delana

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