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23 Aug 2012

Victoria Bota

I had been working for just a year when I decided to buy a place. That's when the drama began! I had absolutely no credit record, which meant that I couldnt get a loan from most places, but thank God for SA Home Loans, they chose to take a chance on me! From being turned down by most institution and others offering me below 80% finance, SA Home Loans offered me a home loan, with a deposit amount that I could actually afford to pay! I could go on about all the other wonderful things that have happened since then, the friendly people, the prompt help that they give whenever you require it, but one thing I'll always be grateful for is that they gave me the chance to fulfil my dreams when no one else was willing! P.S. I'm still enjoying my home, thanks for the call asking me if things are still alright :-)

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