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Western Cape

23 Aug 2012

Eugene van Dyk

Our income more than justifies our home loan, yet we had extreme difficulty getting a home loan from other institutions. In the first 3 minutes on the phone with SA Home Loans, I knew we would be approved. The consultant, Denver Moodley, gave me the impression that his job is to assist me getting approved. This was in strict contrast to other institutions, where I felt like even the smallest of obstacles were deliberately hammered in place. I felt like I was getting in the way of them dealing with better clients. Denver assisted me with the application, and kept me up to date with the progress more often than what I expected. All the steps were explained to me in a way that a first time buyer could understand. A few months after the deal was done I was ensured once again that SA Home Loans does not see me as a thorn in the side. I received a call asking if there was anything about the service or my Home Loan that I would like to discuss. A very brief part of the conversation was that I would like an electronic statement. By that afternoon the statement was emailed to me. I would like to thank the SA Home Loans team for not only assisting me in getting a good financial product, but for convincing me that getting a home loan can be painless, if you know where to go first.

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