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23 Aug 2012

Marinda Smit

Applying for a home loan with you started of not being the best experience that I have ever had. We applied and waited, after a while a person phoned and said that he will send me what I need to send to apply for a loan, as we wanted to refinance our house to consolidate our debt and to think of building on to our house. After I send in all the papers that was requested we waited and waited... (almost six weeks). My brother in law said that he got very quick feedback from you, so this seemed strange to me. I finally got a bit irritated with you but decided to phone and find what was going on. A very friendly person answered and explained to me that the person that I dealt with first had resigned and did not hand our case over to be helped by someone else. What was irritating was that we had to resubmit all our things again, but now everything was going so smooth, and the SA home Loans team really did what they promised! It was from there on that all the way smooth sailing and we had no trouble after this. I also appreciate the letters and the telephone calls to ask if I am still satisfied with my home loan and the service. GO SA HOME LOANS TEAM, GO!

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