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Western Cape

23 Aug 2012

Lavinia Petersen

After my 5 year divorce finally came to an end in November 2011 I decided that it was time for me and my teenage son to move into our own property. During the 5 years we were renting a flat in an area close to school, work, and church in a neighbourhood that we felt safe and secure in. This is when I started house hunting over weekends after a couple of weeks we find a perfect cottage. As this was the first time I bought a property (my ex husband bought a house before we got married). I did not know how the process worked so my Estate agent gave me a name of a Bond Originator that would apply for a bond on my behalf at the various Banks. She also gave me a name of Bernice Williams from SA Home Loans because the Bond Originator didnt apply to SA Home Loans. When I perused the various quotations, I decided to take my bond at SA Home Loan as they offered me the best rate. I remember clearly that when I informed the Bond Originator of my choice, she tried to discourage me for choosing SA Home Loans. However I stuck to my decision and signed the acceptance form. My entire process with SA Home Loans has been extremely impressive as it was dealt with great professionalism and efficiency from when I simply enquired. Because it was my first ever experience, I did not even feel perturb as the helpfulness of my SA Home Loans consultant was amazing.

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