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Western Cape

25 Oct 2011

Diane Wilson

It is just over a year ago that I applied for my home loan to be moved from another institution (I don't know if I should name them) to yourselves. I was really in dire straits. I needed to consolidate. I took a chance and phoned SA Home Loans. I looked at the pictures of all the consultants on the computer and thought; they look like a great team, sympathetic, friendly, etc. And they were more than that!!!!! They were so helpful; they worked quickly, gave me regular feedback, and were just THE BEST!!! You can't get better. I will never forget it was a Friday afternoon when the consultant phoned me and said "Diane"; do you want to have a good weekend? I was at work and my office is a very small office - my boss was in his office and the consultant said to me "your home loan has been approved, go and have a wonderful weekend. I just burst out crying and thereafter she sent me an e-mail to say "you work so hard Diane, you deserve it, GOD DOES NOT SLEEP (and I think she was even crying). I will never let SA Home Loans down. I always recommend them to everybody. I work at Berley's Properties in Bothasig/Richwood and am selling lots of properties and always recommend to buyers to apply for bonds at SA Home Loans. They consider people as human beings and try and make something work. LOVE THE TEAM AT SA HOME LOANS. May God Bless you

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