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29 Oct 2011

Dirk Jacobus Swartz

This letter may seem like an normal letter, but please take 10 minutes and enjoy the journey with me, because through this letter you will find that it does happen in real life and not only in movies and stories books like people may think, because it happened to me and I was in that true story. I had two houses in the past and that was through ABSA Bank and the journey started at my last house. Lets begin and I hope that you are relaxed with a nice cup of coffee. Let`s us start here. My wife and I were having marriage problems and she wanted to go on her own after fifteen years of marriage and two children from the marriage. So in that time she wanted a divorce. On 21 October 2009 I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident on Michael Brink Street in the Pretoria area. I immediately went into a coma on the accident scene. I came out of my coma in December 2009 and was placed over to my own room in the hospital. My pelvis and my right foot were broken and therefore I was operated on and could not walk at all. I don`t want to go into details about the accident. The doctor classified me four times dead in the operating room in that time, so it was serious. My wife and my two children came and visit me two times that I know about in the hospital. In December I was discharged from hospital and still could not walk, so the ambulance took me home. I didnt have my cell phone with me and the hospital tried to phone my wife, but nothing.

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