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29 Oct 2011

Lynnette Swanepoel

As all parents with children know very'd do anything for them. You'd beg, steal and borrow! Not in the stealing business but I found myself facing a crisis. Having promised my two teenagers that on completion of their matric year, Id buy them each a car, I didn't know where I'd get the money from. Also, I had debt to consolidate. As a single parent, you run into some financial difficulties in trying to get your kids through school. Been all over the show, applied with several banks, including my own-which I have been at for the past 15 years. Everybody took their sweet time in getting back to me, all sorts of hiccups and one morning while driving to work, I heard a SAHL add on the radio. I thought: why not give it a shot. Phoned them, got all the docs via e-mail, filled it out, sent it off and in 3 days I had an answer. It was approved! My property was non-bonded and I was scared, since this would be the first time I'd do anything as drastic as applying for a loan. My fears were unjust. All the operators at SAHL are highly efficient, friendly and professional. With the quick cash option, I got 75% of the loan paid in advance and SAHL settled my debts. The lawyers they use to register the bond, Newtons Inc, were also very efficient and friendly. The bond was registered within 3 weeks after my signing the documents. 

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