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28 Aug 2012

Doreen Van Der Westhuizen

SAVED by SA HOMELOANS!!! I went to an auction for the experience and to find out exactly how things worked. I had absolutely no intention to buy a house as I already owned a house. The house on auction had stood empty for 3 years, lights stolen off, carpets ruined, there was nothing wrong with my imagination and I could see all the potential. Some people should stay away from auctions. People like me. To make a long story short, I bought the house! Problem is, I didnt have the money!! I felt that my salary would never allow for a bond on two houses so I came up with all these brilliant ideas on how to produce R990 000.00 very quickly but each time there were huge flaws in my plan. At 50 you cant marry rich either. I didnt sleep much that night. And dont think any of my four sisters were of any help!! They just made it worse by telling me how really stupid I was. Really irresponsible! At your age you should know better yadda-yadda!! The following day I phoned SA Home Loans. Rapid re-advance and the auctioneer was paid within a week. R900 000.00 to go. My original house is now on the market. I was saying daily prayers for the bank to drag their feet. I most definitely didnt phone them, nor the auctioneer. Let sleeping dogs lie. Two months and my house was sold! Now I am Mrs Moneybags and if I am not nagging the auctioneer, Im phoning the bank.

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