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28 Aug 2012

Kobus Boshoff

As you say .... SA Home Loans made my dreams come true. I went through a terrible divorce and my Ex didnt want me to pay her out for the house and the only way that she would settle was by auctioning everything. So I had bought the house at the auction, paid R73500 as a deposit and needed to give proof of the outstanding amount of R490 000 within seven days. I was really stressed out by that. If I didn't provide the proof within seven days I would lose my deposit. And SA Home Loans provided me with the loan with in 3 days! And they even loaned me some additional money to renovate my home. I'm the happiest single guy in the world. Special Thanks to Petro, at that time I did not have transport due to the auction. Petro came to my house for signing the papers. Thanks to SA Home Loans. Kobus Boshoff

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