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05 Apr 2015

Elias Letsoala

I have applied for my bond to various banks. I got responses from Nedbank and FNB. Nedbank was the first bank to respond with a total rejection, meaning my loan was not approved. I later got reply from FNB and they offered me 66% approval. I am still waiting for the response from ABSA which I bank with. Later, on the 17/03/2015, I applied to SA Home Loans and my bond was approved on 25/03/2015. The property was evaluated and in less than 5 days and on 01/04/2015 I received a final approval for my bond. I currently have a bond with Standard bank and to date they have not yet responded to my recent bond application. I feel that the automatic call centre system offered by the banks with no personal intervention caused me unnecessary stress and left me in the dark with my application. I must mention that the service I got from Michael Wade was professional and he always keeps the client updated with the developments on your application. He was always available, even on Sundays, he replies to emails all the time. I have listened to SA Home Loans radio adverts that ask you to go and try the other banks and then come to SA Home Loans. It also mentioned that SA Home Loans wants you to try the other banks first. I am the living proof, I got the best interest rates and the professional and efficient service. This happened in less than a month. Thanks SA Home Loans and keep up the good work.

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