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05 Nov 2013

Elize Botha

Hi, let me tell you our story... I received a three month notice from my landlord on 24 February 2013 after staying in his town house for over 10 years. My daughter and I looked (rented) after his place since my divorce as if it were our own. Naturally we were so shocked because now we find a new home in a short period of time. I could not afford to buy a new place on my salary and to find something that suits our needs within a small period of time was very, very difficult. My partner and I decided to buy a house and started to look for something suitable to buy. Real One Reality (agent) gave us the best advice and service in this regard (which is another good story to tell). We found what we were looking for and started the process of purchasing the house. We had tremendous trouble with Betterbond and eventually applied with SAHL for our home loan. I corresponded with Yolandi Giani and received excellent advice and feedback during the whole process. All the correspondence was excellently set out, practically explained and "in time". The process at and between Betterbond and Standard bank were actually not fair and honest. We were not treated right. We are however staying in our new home since May 2013. We had to move at the 30/04/2013 due to commitments that were already made long before all this happened - I had to write an exam in August for which I had to study, my partner's daughter got married on 08/06/2013 and my partner ran the Comrades on 02/06/2013.

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