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05 Nov 2013

Genevieve van der Merwe

As with most young couples my husband and I had a 5 year plan. We are a blended family with two beautiful boys and were blessed with a daughter late in 2012. While on maternity leave I started looking at houses. NEVER thinking we could afford one but secretly hoping that some day we would be able to provide our children with a bigger home that actually has a garden unlike the "flat" we were renting. Needless to say after a good may calls I found an estate agent that had a house to show us! When we walked in we knew it was the one. We put in an offer and did all the paperwork and then went through a Bond Originator. Application Failed ... we were devastated. We were told that SA Home Loans would not help us and I decided to call them directly to ask why some time later. Only to find out that our application was never submitted. SA Home Loans approved our bond and after thinking we had lost our dream home for ever it has now become the place we raise our family.

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