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29 Oct 2013

Toni Krige-McQuillen

My husband and I had an existing bond with one of the banks, we got married and after 4 attempts we still didn't have both our names on the bond. This meant time off work for us; we also had to go into the bank each time to get this process done. Which it never was, never the less it was quite a frustrating process, but after simply using the online option on the SA Home Loans website we were contacted within 10 minutes by Megan Naicken who has been nothing less than professional, efficient, friendly and helpful every step of the way. If all the SA Home Loans staff are as fantastic as Megan, I can only see switching bonds being a positive move for any home owner, or even potential home owner. I have personally referred a friend of mine directly to Megan who will be contacting him in the New Year to switch her bond to SA Home Loans. Thank you to Megan and all the staff at SA Home Loans for making what was previously a painful process with a different bank, such a smooth and professional process with SA Home Loans. I would highly recommend using SA Home Loans.

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