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Eastern Cape

28 Oct 2013

Wayne Kent

My story starts with an early Friday afternoon off. I stopped to buy some chips and Coke and on the way out I grabbed a property guide. I was going to be early to collect my son so I thought I would browse the paper. I had decided 2 weeks earlier that after 3 months of house hunting, I was going to stop looking for property till the New Year but the habit of looking was still there. While sitting in my vehicle soaking up the sun, I browsed through the paper. I came across a house in the area I was looking for and thought there was a printing error. I phoned the agent and she confirmed the price was right. So I made an appointment to view the property on Monday afternoon. By Sunday there were 10 appointments to view the property. I sent my wife for the earliest timeslot as I had to be at work early and would only make the 3pm slot. My wife phoned while still there and said it was exactly what we were looking for. She told the agent we would back later that afternoon. As soon as I drove up to the property I saw the potential that this could be our dream home. I walked with my wife through the house and saw all the possibilities that we could do with the place. We put in an offer to purchase immediately. We were the third couple to do so that day. We were very optimistic so I got the ball rolling and contacted an old friend. She is a mortgage originator. She told me what all she needs and I spent Monday night getting my papers in order.

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