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Free State

27 Oct 2013

Micheal Taljaard

My story, well 6 months ago I made a very big decision in my life to invest in a second home. My first home was already bonded with SA Home Loans. I saw my dream home in the market and I just knew that I have to buy this house and turn it into a home. The frustration and anxiety trying to secure just the option to buy with the home owner at that time, not even thinking of all the drama I would have to go through to secure a second home loan with a bank and convincing them that this is a good investment opportunity for myself by renting out my old home and moving into the my new dream home... I phoned SAHL first and explained to the friendly consultant what I wanted to do, and SAHL agreed immediately to this. But, I still wanted to try my luck with other bank's, you know to get a better deal. The friendly consultant said that she knows I would return to her and buy my second property with their assistance, she can promise me that. So on I went with "consultants" who handled applying for home loans with all the other major banks except SAHL. Needless to say this exercise wasted 3 weeks of my time and I nearly lost the option to buy my dream home. I returned to SAHL and they came to my rescue with the purchase of my second home and wasted no time at all to secure the deal for me. I am now living in my dream home and have a well secured investment for my future. This is not where the story ends;

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