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23 Oct 2013

Laetitia Smith

I have to share my story. As a single mother you don't always have funds. I had my bond at a well know bank in SA (N). I needed a 2nd bond, but with the interest rate at that time with the relevant bank, I couldn't afford it. One of my colleagues told me about SA Home Loans. I contacted them and a lady came to my workplace, she explained the whole process, paperwork was completed and submitted. I transferred my bond to SA Home Loans. Now bear in mind, I had my bond with the other bank for +- 10 years. A week later SA Home Loans contacted me and asked for my deeds for the house. SA Home Loans discovered this well-known bank didn't pick up that the lawyers or deed office never registered the house on my name. Thank you to SA Home Loans for transferring my bond. They organized the transfer on my name at their own cost. Recently my geyser started leaking, I phoned the same day to notify SA Home Loans insurance, the next day I had a new geyser. I have never been more satisfied than with SA Home Loans. Thank you, SA Home Loans, you rock!

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