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Eastern Cape

31 Oct 2011

Eloise Labuschagne

During the year 2005, my husband and I (with two kids) decided to take the big step of building our own house. We went to our bank and took out a home loan without really doing our homework on who else could give us a better deal. Eventually we got really fed up with the high rates we were paying at our bank and poor service, complicated statements etc. One of my friends told me about SAHL and the good rates they offered. We contacted an agent at SAHL East London and have never looked back. The rapid re-advance facility on our account has been a life saver; it's made our lives so much more stress free. Usually the payment of your house is the biggest worry when it comes to budgeting, but our home loan is last on our list of budgeting worries. SAHL without a doubt deserve the award they received for "Best in Home Loans", I'm sure they'll be receiving it for many more years to come.

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