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Western Cape

31 Oct 2011

Vanessa Jones

My husband and I were married for two years when we managed to purchase our first home. I can assure you that echoed in the beginning of hardship. "MONTH END" became a dreadful term in our vocabulary due to mortgage payments with unbelievable high interest rates and ridiculous bank charges. We did not own a vehicle at the time and it was not going to happen under the circumstances. A colleague told me about SAHL and recommended we apply as the interest rate was much lower than most of the other financial institutions. I contacted SAHL a week later and I can truly say the rest is history. SAHL gave us such a good deal which changed our lives forever. Not only did we have change in our pocket every month, we managed to purchase a vehicle as good as cash from the amount offered for the same instalment paid at the other institutions. Of course the interest with SAHL was much lower and affordable. I immediately shared my good fortune with colleagues and family; wanting them also to benefit and prosper. The good news is that everybody I have shared our story with has switched to SAHL.

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