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26 Oct 2011

Elsa Vermeulen

With a brutal divorce and my dad passing away in one month as well as being without a home for my three small children, going through conventional bank channels to purchase the cutest three bedroom secure home was a nightmare. Because I had a joint account with my ex-husband, and although I worked at a bank for 7 years, they would not approve a loan for me, as I had no credit record on my own. All my accounts, even my car was on my ex husband's name and although my salary went straight into our joint account, it was not considered. Just when I was about to get totally despondent, SAHL had an advertisement running on the radio and they came to the rescue. With fantastic service, very quick response times etc, I was able to put in an offer on my children's and my own dream home. I was now an independent woman with a start to a fantastic credit record with SAHL who was prepared to take a chance on me. Later they helped me finance a swimming pool and lapa. What a difference they made to my life, to rebuild not only stability in my life, but my self esteem as well. Thank you, SA Home Loans.

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