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25 Oct 2011

Farhana Penta

The expression when it rains, it pours was a constant experience for me in 2009. On the 14th February I was told that the site where my husband worked would be closing down for good. Desperation crept in shortly after the 25th of the said month. Facing the grim odds with me were my one month old baby girl; a four year old son and my terminally ill husband. With one income and no options for another, the demon of despair approached and constantly played tricks on my mind. Needless to say, the nights I could not sleep, I paced the halls ways trying to overcome the fears of losing my house, car, house hold goods and, and, and. Every single person I spoke to proclaimed the 2010 world cup will help the country and our financial crisis would end. Everywhere we turned people suffered from hardship like never before. Ends could not meet, was the plea a lot of my friends whispered. At my wits end I began searching for ways and means to combat my fate and improve the path I lead my family on. Searching Google was my new talent; anything with the words financial aid was explored. It took me few months to search and research the options available to me. Which I must admit were of no use to my predicament. One very sad day while returning home from work I heard an advert about switching my bond and saving costs in terms of interest and monthly repayments. I figured that I had nothing to lose. Desperate as I was, beggars could not be choosers right? 

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