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25 Oct 2011

Darius Geldenhuys

After we got married in October 2008, my wife and I moved in together into a very nice place, that we rented. Unfortunately after a few months the owner decided to move back into the house. We had a dream of buying our own house together, we were sad to move because we just started our married life together but also then decided that it must have been I sign... We prayed about it and decided that we want to buy our first house together and that we won't also have the problem or the inconvenience again, of staying for a few months than have to leave again... So the journey started for applying for a home loan, to buy our first home. We were confident by going to our bank first for approval because that is where we have been for many, many years but the service that we experience wasn't all that good and on top of that we were declined...we couldn't really understand why, and were not also told why it was not approved. An agent and friend referred me to SA Home Loans. Well from the beginning to the end, it was an unforgettable experience. Within minutes they had approved; and had given us a home loan that we needed and we were able to buy our first own home together. The lady that helped me really went the extra mile for us in getting a good rate and it wasn't just the service in the beginning but also the after sales service. I will definitely and strongly recommend SA Home Loans to friends and people out there to experience what we did.

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