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25 Oct 2011

Dylan Seegers

We'd pretty much lost all hope that we would find the right property for myself and my pregnant wife, after battling with the banks through a broker, for a couple of months and ultimately losing out on a property we had put an offer to purchase on. That's when we found this amazing townhouse that suited our soon-to-be-expanded family's needs perfectly so we thought we'd give it another go by ourselves this time. The banks once again came back with either a poor offer or an outright no. That's when the estate agent suggested SA Home Loans. We spoke to a lady named Debbie on the Friday morning; I delivered all the necessary paperwork to her that afternoon and the loan we were looking for was approved by 9am the following Monday morning, at 3% lower than the closest offer from any bank. We were ecstatic! The dream that SA Home Loans managed to make happen in less than one working day; none of the banks could manage in nearly four months. Simply amazing!

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