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Western Cape

25 Oct 2011

Gregg Maragelis

We were desperate to find a new home as we had just sold our home. We have an adopted 6 year old boy and I had promised him a garden to play in and an extra room for a sister. Due to circumstance, Granny would now also need to come and stay with us. I had spent months looking and was getting so disheartened at what we could afford. A day before going to visit our family for Christmas a new home on the market caught my eye. It was just what we were after four months a big old fixer upper with enough room for everyone and a miracle a granny flat. I signed the offer to purchase at a ridiculously low price and it was accepted. This house was meant to be ours. All the banks declined my bond application, AND THEN the broker recommended SA Home Loans. From the first minute they made me feel at ease and not intimidated and came back to me in a couple of hours and said that the reason my loan was being declined was due to a retail account I had closed and still owed R45 on. SA Home Loans assisted me in providing the correct info to the retailer and a couple of hours later our bond was approved by SA Home Loans. Our boy soon to be seven now has an adopted 2 year old sister who he adores with his whole heart and a granny with a new happy safe home. As for me I wake up every day and cant believe this garden and home is ours. I drive past the SA Home Loans offices each day and cant help to smile as I see their logo as they made our dream come true. Thank you SA Home Loans.

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