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07 Nov 2011

Farnaas Haffejee

Ive been a client of SAHL since early 2004, needless to say being a first time home owner I was terrified. SAHL made the process of obtaining a transfer of my mortgage bond a simple efficient task and kept me updated throughout the process. UFORTUNATELY during a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca I fell in a crowd of thousands and broke my back in 3 places, as a result of the trauma experienced I then became epileptic and a paraplegic . Unbeknown I an updated policy was received by me in 2008, within a condition on how to claim in the event of disability. I followed the requirements and correct channels and just when I thought my life was over SAHL threw me a lifeline and agreed to pay my instalments for a period of 12 months. Thanks to the entire group of SAHL ESPECIALLY Nivashia Ramsaroop and Sharon Naidu for keeping a roof over our heads. My heartful thanks goes out to you and May God Bless you!!!!!!

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