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Western Cape

08 Nov 2011

Jenilee Jeanne van der Bergh

My husband and I got married on 23 May 2008 and could not afford to buy a place at that point in time. However in December 2010 we decided that its time lets buy a house. We applied at ABSA and were declined. Then we applied at our own bank, Standard Bank and only got a 80%, which we were never informed of, we inquired as to why we received such a low percent and was told that because a bond originator did it for us we wont receive more and advised that we apply online. So we applied online and after a few weeks no one got back to us we decided to phone in only to hear that the bond was declined. Then we went to the bank at Tyger Manor, filled out an application form and waited for a consultant who informed us that we do not qualify due to the " affordability ratio" we then phoned the home loans division and the lady we spoke to told us that the bond was approved (which the bond originator did) but we could not afford such a large deposit! At this point the excitement and dream of becoming home owners slowly started fading away. No one is giving us the correct answers, we were not receiving proper guidance, the consultants where contradicting each other. We just gave up and thought that maybe it was not in Gods plan for us to buy a house. Then one day while driving to work on the corner of Voortrekker and Bezuidenhout (I think) I found the answer!! A huge billboard SA HOME LOANS and I quickly jotted down the number. 

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