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26 Oct 2011

Ferhana Accojee

My husband, two children and I were living in a one bedroom outbuilding for seven years. At the time I was a housewife and we never thought we would be able to afford our own house. Until one faithful day when our landlords maid hit my son on his back with a broom stick because he had walked over the paving were she had been sweeping. It had taken this incident for us to realize that we needed our own house for our children to be truly free to play as children needed to. The day after we went to the Standard Bank Lenasia Branch to apply for a home Loan as this was the bank were my husbands bank account is held .When we got there, not only had we had to wait for over two hours to see a consultant but when we eventually seen her she was rude and we felt that the bank was very rigId in their dealing with clients .The interest rates were too high as well and as first time home owners we needed a consultant who would take the time to explain everything to us . We went home that day very despondent but we knew at that point that a commercial bank was definitely not for us. A few days later a friend mentioned SA Home Loans and after convincing my husband that maybe we should give it a try, we drove to SA Home Loans Offices and had the most pleasant experience there. We were greeted with friendly and professional staff that explained all the different packages to us .After choosing a package that best suited us we signed with SA Homes Loans immediately .

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