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26 Oct 2011

Rodney Piet Nyathi

I made an application on 27/06/2011 and had the house registered in my name on 22/08/2011, less than two months of transaction it took to have a house of my own. I highly commend SA Home Loans team for: *Being open to me as a first time buyer *very competitive rates (cheap in fact) *Speed in processing *Being honest *Being Customer orientated, and your *Good after sale acumen May I appreciate Brenda Winter also, for her availability to help. Certain people should be proud having Brenda in their lives as a colleague, mother, sister, neighbor, wife or a consultant (in my case). She has great potential, so great that I have a house despite common talks that it is impossible to have a property within a month and a half. May God smile at her and enlarge SA Home Loans' territories.

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