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Eastern Cape

29 Nov 2017

Owning a house has given me divine peace!

Fezeka Tabu

I am where I am because of SA Home Loans. I will forever be grateful to SA Home Loans for fulfilling my dream and most importantly my basic need- a roof over my head. Thank you for giving us this platform to tell our stories which I hope will motivate other people who are still house hunting. I used to say jokingly to my friends if I can write a book about my life as tenant it would be the best seller – people will laugh, cry and most importantly learn from it. It was not an easy journey. Owning a house has given me divine peace! The peace that words only cannot explain unless you experience it. Let me briefly tell you what made me approach SA Home Loans. In 2016, I was very miserable sharing a house with other difficult tenants. I wanted to have my own place but was not sure if the banks would approve as I have tried to apply before and was not approved by my bank and I would always hear stories from other people that getting an approval was not easy. While I was at a local Spar supermarket notice board I saw this unappealing hand-written advert about a “house for sale”. I took the contact details I was not sure if the bank would approve me as I had approached my Bank in six months prior for a home loan application, and I was advised to wait for another year because I had unpaid debit orders. I kept on searching for other places to rent because the advert I had was really uninviting, not knowing what awaited me – a beautiful house with an immaculate yard! 

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