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28 Nov 2017

Thank you SA Home Loans for giving us the chance to purchase our home.

Shantall Speemanns

Wow! Where do I start? About 10 years back we did indeed purchase a home together with my brother unfortunately it did not work out. We went insolvent and had to rent for about 9 years, up until 1 day I got fed up with the landlord (always issues). We decided to see if we do indeed qualify for a home loan again. Our agent came back and said we can purchase for about R800 000. We were over the moon especially considering our past credit record. We eventually got the approval from SA Home Loans, the only Institution who was willing to help us. Documentation was signed and we moved into our new home 1 month before registration. Then all went down hill on registration. They then picked up at the High Court that we were still recorded as insolvent (September 2016). What a shock to us! Was so devastated. We went to lawyers to help us out. The lady of the house was getting impatient as she needed the money and wanted to cancel the deal. We could only get a court date in March 2017, we thought this is it we are going to lose our home. After months of prayer we finally got the good news in May 2017 the house was registered on our name. Thank you SA Home Loans for giving us the chance to purchase our home. We still have lots to do to the house itself, but we can say with proud hearts we finished my mom's flat and she is staying with us now. Haven't taken pictures yet but will be loading real soon.

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