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25 Oct 2011

Gavin Hiebner

Mine is a real experience. I dont know if am allowed or not to mention the previous bank. Anyway, I was going through a divorce as a result my finances were rock bottom. It was during the period that the interest rates were just skyrocketing, I contacted my bank and asked them that in the case that it goes up again I will not be able to afford any further strain to my budget. I asked them if they could by any means assist me by capping the rate or extend the bond repayment period by another two years. They refused instantly and said there would be consequences if I did not make payment, I was worried and thought I have been with them for a few years and did not miss any payment and was just been cautious and this is how they treated me. On my way to work, a commercial came on the radio about SA Home Loans. I thought Id give them a call, they gave me an interest rate saving that if the normal banks rates went up it would not affect me, they also offered me extra cash to assist with issues I could be having with my divorce. I have not looked back and by switching to SA Home Loans I made a saving of About R200 000. Thank you SA Home Loans thank you.

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