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31 Oct 2011

Greg Husted

Trouble normally comes in three's . . . or so the saying goes. In our case the trouble came in two's and three's!! Several months ago everything was going smoothly and my wife and I decided we were ready to try for children. The plan was to buy a bigger house sometime next year or the year after when we needed the space however I thought I would start looking around now to start getting an idea of what was on the market. One rainy Sunday I set out to look at a couple of homes in the area we liked. The very 1st house I walked into took my breath away! It was exactly what I wanted but a little more expensive than we could afford. We watched the house for a couple of weeks and finally got the courage to put in an offer. The estate agent came back to us with the exciting news that the offer had been accepted. This turned out to be very lucky as my fathers health deteriorated and he now needs a place to stay and there is ample space for him to move in with us. Then we were struck by the really big news - my wife was pregnant with TWINS!!!! While this was awesome news it scared the heck out of us as we were worried about being able to afford the bond with this new expense to consider - thank goodness for SA Home Loans and their helpful staff. My consultant was very understanding and helped us by suggesting the Edge Bond which will reduce the initial payments while we have the hospital expenses and will let us ease into paying the full amount. 

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