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31 Oct 2011

Tamlin Richardson

I ended up in a very bad marriage and my whole life's dream, since I started working in 1993, was to stay in Edenvale. In October 2008, I found the perfect home and was willing to do anything to get this house. Because I still had my other home financed, no bank or finance house would grant me finance, even though I could afford both until my other house was sold. I could not get my ex out of the house so I was very desperate for my own home. After numerous attempts, I then tried to get finance through SA Home Loans and it was approved! 3 months later after signing the offer, I was very fortunate the agent and seller was willing to wait for me and gave me extra time to get the finance. I was ecstatic once SA Home Loans approved my finance, the only people that would help me finance my dream home :-) I moved into my home in January 2009. Luckily 2 months after I moved into my perfect home, I managed to sell my other house. Everything fell so perfectly into place and SA Home Loans made my dreams come true. I still have my home and since then, have met an awesome man who shares my dream home with me. We have made many improvements on our home since then and I know this is our home forever. Thank you SA Home Loans.

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