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31 Mar 2015

Hendrick Manamela

South African Home Loans is not only called South African Home Loans for nothing. It is for the people of the Republic as they create an opportunity for people to own a house when other financial institutions fail to do so. My story is that other Institution declared me to be in debt and did not even bother to do investigations to establish the source. When SAHL came onboard the debt was identified and I was informed about it; only to find that one of the cell phone network providers did not update their system after the contract was paid off! Then the system was then updated thereafter confirmation and apology letters were sent to me. I salute SAHL as I was unaware of the debt which was not suppose to be there in the first place, and through SAHL the error was unearthed and dealt with. Im currently no longer renting but have a place called home because of SAHL. "Halala SAHL Halala" "Phukubje go wena e be moshimanyana" (Jackal to you must be a boy). Grow big and explore.

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