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31 Mar 2015

Renita Rabilall

6 Years ago I was separated from my husband and later divorced. We owned a beautiful home in Pinetown. After the divorce we lost the house. My kids and I rented a flat, with a very tight budget. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Cancer and the day after my overwhelming news my ex-husband was shot dead. This was a traumatic time for my kids and I. At the end of last year my daughter completed her final year of studies and my son completed matric. It was around June/July when we decided that rental was escalating and that we should invest in our own place. I knew that I will have little bit of extra cash to cover the rates and levies. Due to my condition we had to renovate a little bit, especially the bathrooms for hygiene purposes. I would like to thank SA Home Loans for affording me the opportunity in taking out a bond and owning my own property.

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