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Western Cape

30 Mar 2015

Madaleen Bothma

We have been looking for a home to buy for our family for a while now. We found just the right place after our little girl was born last May. We thought it should not be a problem to qualify for a bond as it was well within our means. But seeing as I was on maternity leave and only earning a portion of my normal salary, we were wrong. We applied at all the big banks, including our own bank. The process with the banks was really cumbersome. I had to follow up with them every few days and often the application was stuck somewhere in their pipeline. We were starting to get worried. In the end only one of the big banks were willing to give us a bond. In contrast to that, SAHL was extremely helpful. They guided us through the application and followed up with me regularly to submit the required documentation. We managed to get our bond in time and move into our home at just the right time. Thank you SAHL!

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