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25 Oct 2011

Ilana Pritchard

In November 2010 I received a pre-approved loan from my bank and started shopping for my first home. In December I found a lovely place and put in an offer. The purchase price was about R200k less than I was approved for. I then started applying for the loan through the big 4 banks. One of them would only give me 60% because I was not a client. Another would give me 90% but at prime plus 2%. My own bank would only give me a 90% loan at prime, and till today they are unable to give me a reason as to why they will not give me 100%, considering I'm a client with a good credit history and a first time buyer. The fourth bank did not even bother to respond to my application. After weeks of fighting I finally decided to try SA Home Loans. They were upfront with only offering 95% bonds, and within 2 days I received approval. A week later everything was finalised and I had my bond. The people I dealt with where incredibly helpful and friendly. I am very happy with the service and prompt response. I should have come to you in the first place and I future I definitely will!!! Thank you.

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