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Western Cape

31 Oct 2011

Isaac Jacobs

I had a loan at another institution. The monthly premiums were so high I almost work only to pay my bond. I then also had children in school. I heard about SAHL from a friend. I made enquiries at SAHL and with very professional assistance I moved my bond to SAHL. A lot of my colleagues didnt believe me when I told them SAHL took over my loan and even paid back R10 000 after they make calculations on paying off my bond. That helps a lot and I also got an affordable monthly premium. Since then I really feel Im working and living a fuller life. After that I withdraw money twice from SAHL and within two days after application. The service is just excellent, you dont have to wait hours on the phone, they respond quickly after you made enquiries. A lot of my colleagues follow in my footsteps and went to SAHL After they realize how low my premiums are and how good the interest are when I showed them my payslip, I even could then afford to buy a car because I used to make use of public transport.

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