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Eastern Cape

31 Oct 2011

Linda Momoti

I am a single mother of one, who started his tertiary education studying towards a National Diploma in music. For the first and second year he did receive a bursary and as you quite know he saw himself as the' person as his grades were no longer the above average that he usually had. This resulted to him not getting any financial assistance from anywhere and this resulted to me having to foot the bill together with my home bond repayments. As you may or not know, per music course the amount was +- R990 - +-R1000 and he was studying sixteen courses per semester, so I was paying +- R17 000 per semester for the remaining two years. I was heavily indebted and I used every cent available to me from my SA Home Loans repayments. I exhausted every opportunity at SA Home Loan's disposal and that helped me quite a lot. SA Home Loans helped me a great deal to educate my child as he has passed his degree and graduated.

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